There are Six different metals and two metal finishes available

Each of our metals can be brought to a high gleaming polish or given black, brown, or green patinas. Patina is essentially "staining" metal with strong acids. Once the acid patina is applied to the metal surface, the entire surface is colored (black, brown or green). The piece is then polished to remove the patina over the majority of the skull exposing the metal underneath. The remaining patina is left in the low spots and places of the skull that cannot be reached by polishing tools. How much patina is removed, and the degree of polish given to the exposed metal can vary depending on what "look" you prefer. With 12 years of experience with metalized skulls, we use our best judgement on the color and degree of patina that best fits the skull. Some historical bronzed sculptures are almost entirely covered in patina, and only the prominent high spots are polished exposing the bronze. In general, patina pieces (skulls) have a more elegant, antique look to them, while high polished pieces have a modern, bright, futuristic look.
Some people prefer a polished metal finish. When this option is chosen, the skull goes through 6 polishing stages to achieve the highest degree of polish possible. The last stage entails a flannel polishing wheel used in conjunction with a hig quality wax. You then have the option of sealing the finish with our clear coat, or leaving the piece sealed only in wax which will require periodic polishing. If you prefer your skull NOT be sealed in our clear-coat, please specify with shipment.

Metalized skulls are sealed in a clear-coat
We use a ceramic crystal clear coating which is extremely durable, long lasting and "locks" the skulls metallic finish. Once this clear coat is added, there is no need for future polishing of the skull. Our Clear coat has the ability to seal in the metal coating without the detection of a clear coat being present on the surface. Many clear coats that we have tried, have a very thick film, which gives the appearance of a plastic look over the metal. This "plastic" look of most varnishes is unacceptable, and we are extremely happy with this new patented ceramic clear coat.

Metalized Skull Service -Price List
Our metallizing process is a patented cold metal application which preserves 100% of the skulls features. Our coatings are up to 95% real metal with the remainder being a polymer binder that reacts with the metal forming a metal composite. The finished metal will tarnish with age as all metals do. If you prefer a natural metal look, our last stage polishing wax will help preserve your skull, but still enable it to age naturally. We do offer a clear ceramic coating that preserves the finished look of each skull eliminating the need for periodic cleaning/buffing. Metal coated skulls look, act and feel like hot-cast metal.

We can repair virtually any damaged skull before we metallize. We have a LOT of experience sculpting damaged skulls and have a large supply of "donor" skulls from which we borrow parts to completely repair your skull before metallizing. Missing teeth are also no problem, as we have a huge assortment of extra teeth. Accurate pricing on repair work is quoted after we recieve the skulls, but we can usually give you a ball-park figure over the phone.

Metals available are:
*BRAND NEW METAL* Polished Gunsteel
This new metal is the lightest of all the silver shades. It is similar to Pewter, but still has the ability to accept different patinas.

The following pricelist has three options:
#1 Send us your game skull already 100% cleaned and dry.
#2 send us your game head with the hide still on for us to clean and then metalize
#3 Send us your game head after you skin, remove eyes, brains, and lower jaw (prepared head). We will clean and then metalize.


All services require a $50.00 Deposit. Checks or MO's can be included in shipment or include/e-mail/phone-in Credit Card Number. Unpaid balance (including return shipping) will be due once the job is finished. We will call/e-mail with the final balance
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Species #1
100% Previously cleaned skulls - we metalize
Send us head w/hide on - we clean and metalize
Send us prepared head -we clean and metalize
Attach metalized skull to oak plaque (+$10 for walnut and Cherry, + $35 for B.E. Maple)
Small rodents & Mustilids




ADD $40 e-mail for
prices of
skulls not
Coyote, Fox Bobcat,Lynx, Badger, Wolverine




ADD$50 shipping and handling charges will be added to each order
Deer, Wolf, Javelina, Baboon, Mtn.Lion, Goat, Antelope,




ADD$60 Click here for our shipping and returns policy
Wild Boar and Bears < 12" length, Big Horn Sheep




Elk,wildebeest, Warthog, Caribou, Wild Boar and bears > 12" length




ADD $100 Add $10 to have your skull's finish sealed in our ceramic clear-coat
Bison, Cape Buffalo, Cattle, Moose, Crocodile




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